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Artistic Policy

Underlying all passionfruit's work is the desire to explore, illuminate and celebrate the human condition in all its complexity

  • Passionfruit are committed to nurturing talented individuals from diverse disciplines and backgrounds; bringing them together to create work in a secure and fruitful environment

  • passionfruit believe in a collaborative process blending aspects of theatrical and artistic traditions to create a unique performance style

  • passionfruit, through the collective talents and energies of their collaborators, are striving to create a new vision and style of theatre; emotionally honest, relevant, challenging and empowering, both for those participating and those observing

  • passionfruit exist to produce new work in diverse forms; whether through new writing, new adaptations or original interpretations of classic works

  • passionfruit endeavour to actively promote equality of opportunity in all areas of their work and strive to include and reflect the diverse beliefs, ethnicity, sexuality and backgrounds of their collaborators in their performance style

  • passionfruit believe that performance is an amazing medium with the potential to remind an audience, if only for a short time, that they are living, breathing, feeling human beings

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homepage  |  who we are